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The current local drama-rama is marijuana dispensary got approved by zoning board.

... and the neighbors are now suing town over approving it.

among the things they're using for grounds for suit:

# some paperwork wasn't filed correctly several year ago to build the building they want to occupy. It's total procedural bullshit because it was approved and all that, something just didn't get filed in correct spot in shuffle. The paper trail is THERE, it was in wrong folder.

BUT THERE'S A TWIST. The lawyer for people bringing the suit was the head of zoning at the time. So his failure to ensure it was but in correct space five+ years ago is the basis for the suit he's bringing.... WAIT. so may be booted for conflict of interest.

# Neighbors are also screaming that it may bring down property values. as opposed to the building that has been unoccupied for several years.

BUT THERE'S A TWIST. Before they built the unoccupied building (business it was built for never occupied building...) the LAST business in that place was a brothel! as yes, the legal medical marijuana dispensary, definetely a downgrade from that brothel...

# It can't be approved for occupancy as its not open to the public, only to those with an appointment.

BUT THERE'S A TWIST. The business currently across the street from it? private fitness studio that has a sign out front saying "By appointment only".

The appeals board meeting is going to be a hoot and a half as there's lots of screaming over NOT IN MY BACKYARD! and lots of random craziness about how weed is going to kill us all. It would also be the only one in the county so there will also be a side of people from Bridgeport might come here! poor people!

I am fully expecting someone to trot out the argument that illegal aliens will come here for our weed and prey upon the middle class neighborhood nearby. WHITE PANIC TIME!

Meeting will be both hilarious AND horrible with the amount of racist/classist shitheads that will be in attendance.

Its an absolutely beautiful location as it was built as some sort of medical clinic. Extra handicapped spaces, curbless parking lot for easier wheelchair access, full ramp and all one level. single driveway that share with no one. They really could not ask for a nicer building for a clinic.


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Jun. 10th, 2014 12:51 am (UTC)
While I admit I'm not surprised by the whole NIMBY bullshit, I AM surprised that your town cares that much about a marijuana dispensary.

Bethel is one of the weirdest towns in the state -- and we're Connecticut, that's saying A LOT -- and it's full of hippies and unicyclers and people who wear pyramids on their head, why on earth would they be against it?

I'm disappointed Middletown didn't get a dispensary or growers, but I think the college probably had something to do with it =p
Jun. 10th, 2014 01:26 am (UTC)
They're not growing it here.

originally this particular permittee was looking at Bridgeport, but got turned down there, Trumball, and Redding. They got turned down in Redding and got APPROVED in Bethel within the same week so I think they were being stalked by the business development people for that to have happened THAT fast. (that Mom and I are both on advisory board for that may have been factor since we'd mentioned things in that general direction before, if not the dispensary specifically)

so town officials, all on board. It's the neighbors that are flipping out, as they're largely in subdivisiony commuter type area. They leave here cause its cheaper than New York.

Hilariously, Facebook keeps trying to suggest a group opposed to dispensary to me and shows suggested posts in my feed. which it must be doing to other people as well because everytime it shows me one, I leave a pro-dispensary (and that location) comment and more than half of the comment left are as well. it's kinda hilarious.

I bet the neighbors that are sueing did not realize it was previously the brothel. The brothel's downtown now instead. not that you would guess that immediately... why are you always apparently open at midnight for accupuncture?
Jun. 17th, 2014 03:19 am (UTC)
I just posted some links to funny photos of dispensary signs, but I think that flagged the comment as spam. FYI. :)
Jun. 17th, 2014 05:17 pm (UTC)
It did indeed hide them. How dare you share funny things!

I totally hope they have a super hilarious sign. But it'll probably be fairly mundane.

I vote for UFO or circus related since we had the giant sign downtown for a decade welcoming UFOs. and the one next to it was about P.T. Barnum.
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