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Furfright- all my drama was travel related

Had a good time at FurFright. Played games, sold lots of stuff, finally managed to playtest project for tabbiewolf. woo. overall a good ol' time. Everything went smoothly.


I'm finally typing up now that its more hilarious than making me going ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

And for those of you who know me... I managed to avoid being sucked into New Haven, so it wasn't THAT bad.

We ran a little late as I played tag with the postal service trying to pick up something that I was supposed to have for FurFright. No dice.

we finally hit the highway and apparently when I'd topped up the windshield washer fluid and checked oil day before, the hood latch hadn't engaged 100%. so we hit highway speed and you can see it jittering. AIIIIEEE! so right back off the highway we get and then fiddle with that for a bit til we're sure it'll stay latched. we're now behind schedule so, take slower more familiar way, take much shorter, less familiar way. Lets try and make up time...

Yeah. no. We miss the exit we need to take because someone wouldn't let us over (why are you passing in the slow lane, WHY?) so attempt to get off at next exit and backtrack. Next exit... drops us onto a highway interchange. !$%@$@$@$ Let's get off at next exit... ANOTHER HIGHWAY INTERCHANGE. what the hell.

We get off and the exit just has road name, no town name. So we end up stopping at a veterinarian to find out what town we're in and then having to try and navigate to hotel using map. (no GPS in car. my car doesn't even have a functioning CD player)

We get there 5 minutes before dealers room opens and end up shotgunning stuff onto the table so I spend much of Friday going "where did I put that? I dunno. it's here somewhere..."

It was a good con with no drama that *I* was involved in. It was a furry con. somebody had some drama somewhere, I'm sure.

We went out to dinner and crammed one too many people in tabbiewolfs car than there were seats, so I ended up sitting in the cargo area, riding backwards, no seatbelt. WEEEEE. Then spotweld forgot to let me out of the car and I had to make sad faces at them to let me out.

There was a visible fire in the woods near con on way back. no idea what happened there. far enough away to probably NOT be furries.

My parents lose my dog. Again.

Mind, I live with my parents, so the dog is not anywhere weird. there's a routine, they're just ones handling routine dog stuff instead of me for three days.

Normally dog goes to work with me every day. But she gets mopey when I'm gone, so since she was still asleep when Mom was going to store, she decides to leave dog home with Dad (aka Scary Guy so far as dog is concerned) for day. town is supposed to be having trick or treat thing so she's expecting trick or treaters at store. I'd even given her long lead to use at store, just to prevent mopey dog from going outside to see if I was outside. (dog is getting a little deaf, so not 100% on coming when called anymore) But nope, left dog home.

Sometime during Dad taking laundry outside, dog follows him outside and decides to walk herself to the store. SOMETHING SHE DID A PREVIOUS TIME I WAS AWAY AT A CON. Thus the precautions on making sure dog does not go walkabout looking for me. ALL FOR NAUGHT.

Dog gets to Agway (about two blocks) and get caught by nice people there and gets a trip to the pound at 6PM on a Saturday. animal control guy goes home. Mom comes back from store. Dad has not seen dog for most of the day. They both assume dog is sulking in my room. Until they go to put dog out at 11PM... where's the dog? search for dog ensues. no dog in house. Off to the store to see if she walked herself to work. The previous time, the neighbor had caught her and drove her home. No such luck. check with the business next door (24 hour gas station) no dog. check at police station to see if any dog were picked up. Description vaguely matches our dog and its a smaaaaaaall town so the night officer lets them in to pound to see if its missing dog. YUP.

Pay fine for wandering dog. DOG IS SO HAPPY TO SEE THEM. they'd been chopped liver all weekend, but now they are the best thing ever! well, at least until I get home Sunday night. Mana still loves me best.

oh look, it's night paving season in Connecticut. how lovely. where did all these cones come from? we should merge. IF THIS GUY WOULD LET US. ah yes, the classic, lets not actually pass or allow you to pass, lets just hang directly next to you no matter what you do. speed up? I speed up too! slow down? I slow down too! !$@$$$@%# there's still some distance left before merge is required, but its coming. giant blinky arrow says so.

and then suddenly in the middle of the lane, there is a downed cone. someone clearly clipped it earlier and flung it into this lane

swerve and hit lots more upright cones
swerve and hit the guy that is determined to sit next to us
stop dead, be rear ended up by person behind us (who's also boxed in by same guy)
slow down, hit cone



and now finally we can merge into the one lane with no way to get off.


well that sounds bad.

We manage to find gap in cones, right by two state troopers and pull off. Examine car. State trooper comes over after a minute and we explain the SURPRISE CONE IN MIDDLE OF LANE and she holds flashlight for us while we figure out what the heck happened.

I detached the underside of the bumper from the main part, so its rubbing against tire. awesome. at least since we have all the gear in the car we HAVE tape. so crawl under car with packing tape while trooper holds flashlight for me.

we get it reconnected enough to get home. trooper asks if she should follow or we're fine. we say we should be fine, we'll pull right back off if it didn't work. but yeah, they might want to loop around and find out where we flung the cone TO. it's not stuck under car, but no idea where it is now. she watches us to make sure we're fine, then off to deal with the CONE OF DOOM before it attacks again.

and then I get to go home and see my dog. who is VERY HAPPY TO SEE ME.

I still need to take the car in to have a better fix done than packing taping it back on. at least its not visible.

Clearly next year I should take the dog with me to FurFright so she can't go walkabout.



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Nov. 10th, 2013 10:14 am (UTC)
I'm picturing the Cone of Doom as a somewhat disheveled orange cone with a spooky face painted on it. As you drive along, you keep spotting it on the side of the road every two miles or so, unable to escape its supernatural pursuit no matter how many crazy highways you turn onto. Eventually you make it home and it's sitting in your driveway. No doubt this story ends with you incinerating the evil cone with a blowtorch improvised from common household items. I am very tired.

Glad you made it home okay, though, and dog has been found.
Nov. 10th, 2013 04:03 pm (UTC)
Considering the number of stories about evil cars Stephen King's done, Evil Traffic Cone has to be next!

Fortunately dog wasn't actually "lost" for long, just where she wasn't supposed to be. SHE thought she was supposed to be at work. GONNA GO TO WORK!
Nov. 11th, 2013 02:34 pm (UTC)
Indeed. The puppy has a better work ethic as store mascot than most of us do for our jobs.

Vacation day? There is no vacation day in puppy land!
Nov. 12th, 2013 02:20 am (UTC)
Love all the comments. Sorry to hear this all happened, but it was very silly in my imagination.

Every time I go to New Haven I imagine the fake Jerry Lewis scientist guy from the Simpsons going "New Havin" like "fruein layvin" or whatever it is he actually says. :)

Edited at 2013-11-12 02:20 am (UTC)
Nov. 12th, 2013 03:21 am (UTC)
I would not be surprised to find that guy roaming the streets of New Haven. Last time I got sucked into New Haven (its like a black hole meets the Bermuda triangle), I had to get directions from a man playing bongos. He punctuated each turn in directions with a drum roll.
Nov. 13th, 2013 07:28 am (UTC)
Obviously the Cone of doom needs to become the cone of shame for Mana. :)
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