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Random updates: art updates & dentist trip

blood jaguar
working on next Rage set, so have been working on art for that and doing all the plating.

The Tide:
the Tide

Nuclear sub

Colored for Bastiaan Rours:

Colored for Laughing Hyena:
Circle of Death
Bar the Way

In very mundane news, I went to dentist today. apparently my teeth are AWESOME and the whole appointment, including the x-rays and cleaning, was only half an hour. They have a new X-ray machine which apparently uses a sensor panel instead of film, so it sends it direct to a computer. No films involved, no developing, BAM, straight to the computer. It was also cheaper than the old method and they could do a front pass, which they didn't normally do before. So the set of 7 shots of my teeth that actually did a FULL wraparound was cheaper than the old four piece pass with film.
Downside, the sensor is a bit bigger than the older insert, so actually put an uncomfortable amount of pressure on my palette in two of the positions. Which made for some rather serious coughing. Clearly designed for larger people than me. I expect next time I'm due to x-rays, they'll probably have two or three head sizes they can swap out.
anyway, NEAT. way better than and more accurate than the old method, no chemicals, speedier results, lower cost. NIFTY.

It was warmish today, so broke some more firewood. Mana had a good time racing around the yard like CRAZY DOG. downside, orange and black dog blends REALLY well with orange leaves. where did crazy dog go? I need to get her a neon pink bandana or something.

In just...creepines, I was flipping through newspaper (yes, we get the paper) and at the front of the classifieds was large ad for new principal for Sandy Hook Elementary. it's just unsettling to run across reminders like that. still ribbons up on all the trees here.

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