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ALARMIST HEADLINE HERE! oh wait, nevermind.

One of the CT libraries was having a meeting about banning fursuits at a local library

So I got a call from the Courant at my business since my bookstore does have a section of furry literature up. I've talked to lots of reporters before, usually about how "bookstores are DYING!"*, so this is not first time at the rodeo for talking to reporter about articles with an alarmist headline. I get a call for a quotation on SOMETHING along those lines about every 1-3 months.

Basically indicated that the furries are just like any other fandom. There's always going to be some people that just don't GET people's enthusiasm for a something and find it weird, especially if its "that thing kids are into these days". (remember how DANGEROUS rock and roll was back in the day!) If the library doesn't want costumes there without prior approval, that's fine, singling out one group as "scary" is totally unnecessary.

since I actually had the section up at business, gave them the very mundane overview that anthropomorphic characters are not new and can include everything from classical mythology and stuff like Wizard of Oz up to the modern tween paranormal romances and the cozy mysteries where the cat solves the mystery. Big tent, crosses over with everything. Most people have probably enjoyed it, just didn't know there was a term for fans of talking animals and anthropomorphic characters.

Reporter basically seemed to get the general idea that it was like Harry Potter fans dressing up for movie premiere or a book signing. The costumers stick out, but its just a way of expressing enthusiasm for something they love. They don't spend 24/7 dressed as wizards, its just like getting an extra Halloween that year. You may not GET that level of enthusiasm, but its generally harmless.

She did read back the quotes she wished to use to make sure that she had recorded them accurately. (which was basically furries are no weirder than Star Wars fans) Now if she absorbed the other parts correctly, we shall see. Even the best reporters don't always quite really comprehend what you told them if its an unfamiliar subject, but I'd far rather give her a very non-alarmist quote and explanation than have her end up googling for info because no one would talk to her.

I am sure in final article there will be a quote from the library about how dangerous costumes are and that they can be used by pedophiles. Because THINK OF THE CHILDREN. *clutches pearls*

(*Bookstores are dying is bullshit, but makes a better headline than "changes in distribution methods require retooling the old business model to retain profitability". Only people reading trade magazines want to read that headline. general public takes a nap for that headline. I've also been called for "ereaders are killing printed books" no, really same headline as above and I've been called for "OMG, kids these days aren't reading!!!" yes they are, they're just doing it differently. I am always great for raining on the alarmist parade.
Oh and I think the Courant called me for a quote several years ago on whether or not the new Borders opening one town over was a threat. I believe I predicted it would fail in that location. and then last year they called me for a quote on the death of Borders and how bookstores are dying. Please allow me to pull out my Nelson laugh.)


Sep. 14th, 2012 06:42 pm (UTC)
Yeah, "death of Borders", but Barnes & Noble still exists?
Also notice that the reporters going on about the death of printed books don't seem to know anything about print on demand?

Or that there's a bunch of people like me who won't give up on the medium, but also have learned: "Physical copies of anything TRUMP NON-EXISTING COPIES of something". Why? Because companies are hell bent on making sure you don't really own something so they can keep charging you for it, especially if you lose it. Or that they can take it away from me anytime they want because I don't really own it.
Which is why old school gamers like me are sick and tired of the Video Game Industry complaining about used game sales cutting into their precious profits. Do Publishers complain about used book stores? Do car places complain about used car sales? No.
So shut your goddamn mouth, video game publishers.

I really have no problems with the furry fandom anymore since they are no different from any other fandom and I love it when other fandoms get on their own high horses about it. Because from being in some of them: They have their own sexual deviants as well, they just don't like to talk about those members.
Anime fans and video game fans have no right to make fun of the furry fandom by ignoring what's going on in their own backyard.

As for the News Media, making people clutch at pearls is what they do. That way, you'll be glued wanting to find out more and giving them the TV ratings that they want. I remember someone making fun of this "breaking headlines bit" by compiling clips together to showcase that. Maybe the Daily Show?

And if that library is going to single out fursuits, it needs to ban ALL COSTUMES. Because if they don't, that's a double standard.

The reporters are also forgetting that libraries are adapting as well. Many of them have video game tournaments, help out with social issues, carry DVDs, mass etc.

And on the "Dangerous" front, don't forget:
Comic Books (1950's)
Video Games (Duh. 1990's)
Street Plays/Theater
Role-playing games (1980's)
All music

"OMG, kids these days aren't reading!!!" yes they are, they're just doing it differently. I am always great for raining on the alarmist parade.
That's a great one. I really love that one. Yes, let's totally disregard that people READ on the internet, that people READ newspapers/magazines, that some video games require READING, mass etc.
Also that this fanatical'ness over making kids read about almost anything that resembles a book, sometimes comes across as a double standard to me as well. In that: "Kids! It's okay to read the violent Hunger Games or the Bible, because you are reading! Awesome! OHMYGAWD! Don't let them be able to buy/touch/see a T/M rated video game! They won't be able to handle it! Oh? A Saw DVD instead? Okay! You can buy that without an adult!"

Also noticed in the news that Amazon.com is finally buckling under and will start collecting sales tax for California.
Sep. 14th, 2012 06:59 pm (UTC)
Amazon basically is just making it easy for California to collect USE tax. Technically if you buy something from out of state, you ARE supposed to report it on state taxes and pony up the sales tax.

except that's a nightmare for states to enforce and most of the population doesn't even realize they're supposed to, and a most of the ones that DO know say "fuckit" and don't. odds are they'll never be caught! So usually they just go after dealers of large ticket items just over the border (cars, electronics, jewelry) and make sure people from that state pay the use tax.

So its not really that weird, California just figured out that auditing each citizen for use tax was really damned ineffective and they need to get online retailers to play along or they can keep playing legal fight.

With that now done and Amazon no longer playing the "we have no physical presence in your state" game, they're now supposed to open up two of the huge fulfillment centers there. so californians should now get their stuff faster!

Edited at 2012-09-14 07:00 pm (UTC)
Sep. 25th, 2012 03:38 pm (UTC)
A lot of states are starting to move in that direction for Amazon.. which hasn;t noticed any downturn in sales. It's not no sales tax that drives me to online purchases, and i think that's the case for a lot of people. We'll start seeing more of that 'use tax' collected now that online businesses have become established and successful.

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