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blood jaguar

If you don't want the details, stop reading now. There is no happy ending.

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Whole stuffed pumpkin

blood jaguar

PHOTOGRAPHING FOOD IS HARD. this looked amazing in person.

Top: a whole baked pumpkin full of cheesey stuffing. It was AWESOME. Bake the whole damn thing, then slice like giant cake. It’s easy, but it looks super fancy. I actually served as the main entre and with a standard size baking pumpkin, served four with about 1/3 left. This is a HEARTY meal.

Bottom: Massaged kale salad with roasted pumpkin seeds and cranberries.



a whole sugar pumpkin
stale bread, or stuffing mix
Non-bread things to add to stuffing mix. good mixes: cheese and apples, cheese and caramelized onions, apples and cranberries, apples and nuts, caramelied onions and apples, you get idea.
liquid- cream if you’re doing cheese, some type of vegetable broth if you want to go vegan.
spice: salt, pepper, nutmeg, garlic
vegetable oil
Since pumpkin vary a bit in size, I’m giving you ratios rather than precise amounts.

1. Cut the top out of pumpkin at angle so you can put lid back on without it falling in. scrape out the seeds and stringy bits with spoon. put aside seeds.
2. Rub outside of pumpkin with oil and stick it in a shallow pan with a lip. (pie tin is good option)
3. Mix salt, pepper, and nutmeg together in ratio of 3 parts salt, 2 parts pepper, 1 part nutmeg. rub around inside of pumpkin. If you have any leftover, dump it in bowl you’ll be mixing other stuff in.
4. (if using packaged stuffing, follow package directions for cook in bird and skip to step 7) Cut up your stale bread and your other items. shred cheese, if using. (this is good way to use up dried out cheese ends in fridge) you want about 1/2 to 2/3 bread to 1/2 to 1/3 Not Bread.
5. In large bowl, mix the other ingredients. about a tablespoon of crushed garlic for every two cups worth of filing.
6. Add liquid to the mix. about 1/2 cup per 2 cups dry. You may need more if you used very dry mix (bread, nuts, and raisins, for example) or a little less if you used ingredients that are very moist (cheese, apples, and onions). It should be slightly moist, no liquid in bottom of bowl, but not obviously wet.
7. Stuff it all in your pumpkin! pack it in firmly. put lid back on.
8. Bake in oven at 350 for 2-2.5 hours depending on how big the pumpkin was. take the lid off for about last 10-20 minutes to brown the top. It may ooze over edge a a bit.
9. Serve the whole damn pumpkin at table and make thick slices like cake. depending on thickness of skin you may or may not want to eat skin. otherwise just scrape flesh away with fork.

Toasting the seeds

1. clean as much of the stringy stuff off as possible. cover with water and they’ll float free. some may need to be pulled loose
2. put in a shallow pan, don’t dry. (pie tin is good)
3. salt liberally and shake the pan to distribute evenly. the water still on it should make sure it’s evenly mixed.
4. bake in oven about 30-45 minutes. when you hear them starting to crack, they’re done.

Here’s the recipe for the kale salad. I just used pumpkin seeds instead of the sunflower seeds they called for. and that was dinner. the kale provides a nice texture contrast.


Nov. 14th, 2014

blood jaguar
I made giant trilobites for new show I put up "What Lies Beneath" at City Center Danbury CT through January 3rd. Wholebunch of other aquatic stuff as well, but here's the trilobites.

They're each about 18-20" long. (click to full size)
Trilobite sculpture

Trilobite sculpture

Trilobite sculpture
Trilobite sculpture

Trilobite sculpture

Not accurate to any specific species, just general trilobite body plan. Paper mache, acrylic, polyurethane

tumblr link with all of them together, for easy sharing

ANd you though the midterms were boring...

blood jaguar
Finished looking through info on the candidates for elections tomorrow and we have some REAL WINNERS in the lot this:

* The green party candidate for attorney general is a 9/11 truther. The towers were taken down by the US government. yes, the GREEN PARTY candidate. oooookay then.

* one of the people running for state congress here, Candace Fay, (the challenger) is under investigation for gross negligence in overseeing a probate court appointed conservator for an elderly veteran who was in temporary care due to a fall. The conservator was SUPPOSED to manage finances so he could return to home after a fall that required he be in extended care. Instead the conservator A) put him in nursing home he had to pay for...when he qualified for a FREE space at VA nursing home, thus draining his life savings and B) spent his remaining money and his social security checks received during that time C) billed him for repairs that were never done D) rented out his house without permission. E) applied for a reverse mortgage on the home F) stripped the home of metal for sale as scrap
They were supposed to be overseeing this conservator (and others) as the court appointed attorney for case and advised conservator he COULD do the reverse mortgage thing. he can't, that's a type of bank fraud.

Here's the long, detailed complaint with a timeline and documents.

dude, no. even if the other dude has fucked up recently, he hasn't fucked up THAT BAD.

Here's a newspaper article with a more general overview

* our town charter is up for revision. Opponents aren't really helping their cause with baffling handmade signs scattered around town with message like

"charter ???

No, bad!"

really, that's the actual sign. WTF. I need to get a picture of one of them.

I spent about two hours trying to sort out details anyway and it really looks like they should have split the 6 revisions into about 12 because there's too much stuff lumped into each question. Which largely came out as "this is reasonable" combined with a "hell no". FAIL. One of the absolute no brainers (correcting misspelling of comptroller in the charter) is probably gonna fail cause its lumped in with a bunch of other provision. WEEEEEEEEEE.

Snallygaster & Dewayyo

blood jaguar

The first written reports of the snallygaster date to 1735 when German immigrants to Maryland talked of the “schneller geist” or fast ghost. The flying beast was alternately described as being like a bird, a dragon, a harpy, demon, or some combination of them all. It was only sighted at night and was unbelievably fast, so unsurprising reports disagreed. Most agreed that it had wings, a razor sharp beak with teeth, tentacles on the face, scales, a scream like a steamtrain whistle, and an extremely bad attitude.

Most sightings were in Maryland but snallygaster would sometimes fly to other states and terrorize the local people for as well. Usually it stole children and livestock but it would occasionally go after adults as well. In 1909 it had an hour-long confrontation with three men on a train platform who eventually managed to drive it away. Theodore Roosevelt was contacted to try and hunt it down but sightings died down for awhile and the former president went hunting for big game elsewhere.

In the 1920s some federal agents managed to get a good look at one as it had been attracted to a still and drunk so much moonshine it fell down dead, into the mash. The agents were rather surprised to find a monster in the mash, but they had a job to do so blew up the still and the monster in it.

The only real check on snallygaster is the Dewayyo. It has dark, spikey fur, stands like a man, but has a wolfish head. Occasionally it will chase locals if provoked, but its full fury is reserved for the snallygaster.

Dewayyo hatch out of clutches of snallygaster eggs from apparent duds that hatch much, much later. So they are born with the smell of snallygaster all around them and spend their whole life hunting down the beasts to have a bloody family reunion.


The tentacles on the face description of snallygaster made me think of the wattle on the turkey, so I designed the tentacles as if they were a more elaborate version of that. The beak full of teeth definitely screamed “goose” to me, so the head, neck, and body structure are based more on that. We had a watch goose when I was a kid and those are TERRIFYING when they actually chase you.

The rest of the body design I went with the more serpentine body to end up with something that looks rather like if a cockatrice came out of a goose egg rather than a chicken egg. Considering how unpleasant a cockatrice is, a goose based one would be that much more terrifying! (gandertrice?)

In researching this, there really was no reason given for the animosity between snallygaster and dewayyo, but I did see some versions that referred to dewayyo as hatching from snallygaster eggs. So I went for familial strife. Maybe if Snallygaster had waited for him to hatch, Dewayyo wouldn’t be so damn angry. WHY DID YOU ABANDON ME?

I went with that putrid yellow green color scheme for snallygaster’s plumage to sort of call up that ‘rotten egg’ theme between the two. what happens when the cockatrice’s egg goes rotten?


Part of Anomalous Animals of the Americas show, through October 23rd 2014 at Molten Java 213 Greenwood Ave (rte 302) in Bethel, CT.


Monday 6:15am-9pm
Tuesday 6:15am-9pm
Wednesday 6:15am-10pm
Thursday 6:15am-10pm
Friday 6:15am-10pm
Saturday 7:15am-10pm
Sunday 8:15am-8pm

RECEPTION- Meet the monster maker! Saturday September 27th 6:30-9PM

Griffin Ranger kickstarter

blood jaguar
martes has a kickstarter up to get her novel Griffin Ranger printed. Go check it out if you like griffins or really cool extinct North American wildlife

Jul. 18th, 2014

blood jaguar

Credence tells the story of a family torn apart during the last evacuation on earth after violent storms have made survival impossible. Hope has been found in the form of new worlds that support human life, however due to limited rocket capacity and life expectancy only children are permitted to evacuate, and even then - only the rich have ended up getting tickets. Our short film follows 2 fathers' decision to make the ultimate sacrifice to give up all their possessions to ensure the survival of their daughter, and the entire human race.

indigogo campaign


Broken Star Trek video

blood jaguar

So much random clipping. and hanging midair. random spinning. and accidental disco dancing.


blood jaguar
The current local drama-rama is marijuana dispensary got approved by zoning board.

... and the neighbors are now suing town over approving it.

among the things they're using for grounds for suit:

# some paperwork wasn't filed correctly several year ago to build the building they want to occupy. It's total procedural bullshit because it was approved and all that, something just didn't get filed in correct spot in shuffle. The paper trail is THERE, it was in wrong folder.

BUT THERE'S A TWIST. The lawyer for people bringing the suit was the head of zoning at the time. So his failure to ensure it was but in correct space five+ years ago is the basis for the suit he's bringing.... WAIT. so may be booted for conflict of interest.

# Neighbors are also screaming that it may bring down property values. as opposed to the building that has been unoccupied for several years.

BUT THERE'S A TWIST. Before they built the unoccupied building (business it was built for never occupied building...) the LAST business in that place was a brothel! as yes, the legal medical marijuana dispensary, definetely a downgrade from that brothel...

# It can't be approved for occupancy as its not open to the public, only to those with an appointment.

BUT THERE'S A TWIST. The business currently across the street from it? private fitness studio that has a sign out front saying "By appointment only".

The appeals board meeting is going to be a hoot and a half as there's lots of screaming over NOT IN MY BACKYARD! and lots of random craziness about how weed is going to kill us all. It would also be the only one in the county so there will also be a side of people from Bridgeport might come here! poor people!

I am fully expecting someone to trot out the argument that illegal aliens will come here for our weed and prey upon the middle class neighborhood nearby. WHITE PANIC TIME!

Meeting will be both hilarious AND horrible with the amount of racist/classist shitheads that will be in attendance.

Its an absolutely beautiful location as it was built as some sort of medical clinic. Extra handicapped spaces, curbless parking lot for easier wheelchair access, full ramp and all one level. single driveway that share with no one. They really could not ask for a nicer building for a clinic.

Small town is cray-cray

blood jaguar
Looked at local news site to see outcome of budget vote and also clicked on article on change to exam policy in nearby school district (danbury)

There were TWO comments on it about Newtown school shooting being a false flag operation.

That is the town next to us. Our schools went into lockdown. We pulled all our cops and sent them to our neighboring district. Some of the kids had their wake at the funeral home downtown. You likely personally met relatives of those that died. Did you go to vote today? There was a poster on the door to the poll saying Newtown loves Bethel for the aid we gave them.
and you're claiming its a false flag operation?

Local newsites comment sections are usually cesspits of cray-cray, but claiming your neighbors who were brutally murdered were actually ACTORS employed by the government? WHAT IN THE FUCKING FUCK?

and now to defuse all that OMG WHAT THE FUCK, when I went to vote on budget today, there was church carnival on the town hall lawn. You can vote and then ride the ferris wheel and eat cotton candy. weeee, democracy!

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